tv remote controls interfere with each other.

  bumpkin 20:23 18 Nov 2016

I have just had a change around and have 2 TV/Monitors on my desk. Both are Bush, one is new. I now find that the remotes interfere with each other i.e. one will switch one off and the other one on or changing the input on one will change it on the other and all sorts of issues.

Any advice on how to resolve this please.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:45 18 Nov 2016

Give them a good talking-to. Tell them to stop buggering about or it's off to the naughty step.

  bumpkin 21:13 18 Nov 2016

There are 2 steps, they won't be able to decide which one to go to:-0

  BRYNIT 21:15 18 Nov 2016

A TV remote from a manufacturer will control many different models. Not ideal but the only solution I can think of as you have the TV's next to one-another is to mask over the censer on the TV you do not want the remote to control.

  bumpkin 21:46 18 Nov 2016

BRYNIT, fine but then the remote I do want to operate it with will not work either.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 19 Nov 2016

Your stuck as both TVs will be using the same code and you can't alter the IR receiver in the TV itself.

Other than "funnel" mask the IR on both TVs so they don't pickup scatter IR from the remotes. You will then have to point the remotes directly at the relevant IR to make the TV change.

  alanrwood 10:34 19 Nov 2016

Speak to Tech Support at Argos. They now own or have licensed the Bush brand.

  Pine Man 10:54 19 Nov 2016

I have two Panasonic TV Recorders and the individual remotes both activated the same device so I could only control one. However within the settings there was a facility to change the channel on the remote controls, which are set to channel one by default. By changing the channel on one of the remotes the problem was solved.

I appreciate that you are not using Panasonic devices but it may well be that somewhere within the settings you may be able to change the channel that one of the remotes uses.

  BRYNIT 10:58 19 Nov 2016

As I cannot see any solution that is cost effective it leaves you with 3 choices.

  1. Buy a monitor to replace 1 TV

  2. Change 1 TV to a different make

  3. Live with it

  Secret-Squirrel 11:03 19 Nov 2016

.........2 TV/Monitors on my desk

If they're within arm's length, can you not operate them using the manual TV buttons instead?

  bumpkin 13:03 19 Nov 2016

Thanks for the replies, looks like I am stuck with it. Manual controls are on the back of all places so not not much use. Holding the remotes just a few inches away minimizes it to an acceptable level and in fact I only need to use one control that way.

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