TV Reception Problems with Panasonic TV

  Newuser939 10:50 25 Aug 2013

I have a Panasonic TV connected to a Sony Hard Disk recorder with the usual aerial pass through arrangement. This has worked perfectly for the last three years or so. However, recently I have a problem which occurs once or twice a week. The problem is that sometimes the picture will break up badly, or sometimes I get a "No service" message. The problem seems to be confined to channels on a single multiplex which carries BBC1, BBC2 etc. It cannot be the aerial as the same channels work perfectly when viewed through the Hard Disk Recorder and I don't think it can be the pass through arrangement as other channels continue to work perfectly on the TV. Re-tuning the TV corrects the problem until the next time. The TV is still within its John Lewis five year warranty period, but before I contact them, I was just wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction of a likely cause.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:16 25 Aug 2013

My neighbour has a possibly similar problem in that during the late evening,night and early mornings she receives around 14 more channels. During the day she will get the service is not available or the signal is to weak.

Someone on another forum explained the reason behind this and it involved temperature inversion and moisture in the atmosphere but it went way over my head. But essentially it seems in the summer months channels are limited but during the winter months she should have no problems. As to whether to replace the aerial, jury is still out as there was a hell of a lot of rubbish published about aerials prior to the digital change over.

  Ian in Northampton 15:34 25 Aug 2013

I have a Samsung TV coupled with a Humax DVR, and see the same kind of problems intermittently. The (far from inexpensive) Samsung TV will occasionally lose channels on one or more multiplexes - yet the DVR can still receive them. As Chronos indicates, I've always been led to believe that this is down to transient atmospheric conditions, and it has always righted itself eventually. I've never addressed the problem head-on, as I always have the DVR signal to fall back on - it's just slightly inconvenient. I just wonder a) what people do who don't have a DVR as back up, and b)why the tuners in the TV and the DVR have such different characteristics.

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