A TV Question

  [email protected]© 19:11 11 Feb 2010

I know this isn't PC related but I know you are all so very helpful. A friend has bought a TV with built in freeview. When tuned in it only picks up 18 channels inc BBC1 and BBC2 but no ITV C4 or C5. Why is this do you think please?

  iqs 19:35 11 Feb 2010

Could be the aerial pointing the wrong direction,week signal,the Belling-Lee connector connected incorrectly..

  iqs 19:35 11 Feb 2010

sorry weak signal......

  [email protected]© 19:39 11 Feb 2010

But the channels he does pick up are perfect.

  BRYNIT 19:42 11 Feb 2010

Try retuning the TV.

It could be a weak signal. Over the past few weeks I've had days when the signal was not strong enough possibly due to the cold weather. This only affected some channels.

Old aerial or cable, too many TV's connected to the aerial can also cause a weak signal preventing channels from being tuned in correctly.

Or possibly a problem with the TV

  Technotiger 20:15 11 Feb 2010

Is your friend in a good Digital TV reception area? Not all places country-wide can get Freeview channels.

  johnnyrocker 20:52 11 Feb 2010

there is a postcode checker on the digital site, i will try and find it


  Pamy 22:00 11 Feb 2010

tell him to go back to where he bought it from and ask them

  peugeot man 07:58 12 Feb 2010

It will be weak signal, probably needs a better aerial. Unlike analogue TV he won't get a poor picture if the signal is weak, it is normal for a number of digital channels to be missing if the signal is poor.

I had a friend who only got 3 channels on Freeview until he fitted a new aerial.

  morddwyd 08:06 12 Feb 2010

Sounds like one of the small percentage who need a new aerial, unless he wants to hang on until analogue switch off when digital signals will be boosted.

  iqs 17:44 12 Feb 2010

Recently installed an aerial for a friend.The original aerial was pointing the wrong direction,he was receiving a strong signal on the channels he was receiving,but only about 10-15.

Installed the new aerial and used a compass to locate the closet aerial transmission mask(web sites will give you all the info),after it was fitted and facing the mask,he received over 50 channels all with medium to strong reception.

Just a note,some aerials require an horizontal or vertical alignment.

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