TV via PC-pictures no sound

  dagbladet 13:07 14 Jul 2004

Just been given a TV card (ASUS v7100 deluxe combo/32 meg) and can tseem to get sound. Pictures are great.
Spec: win XP
AMD 750mhz
128meg (256 from tomorrow)
32 meg graphics card with TV tuner as above
ASUS DVCR software

Any ideas please folks?

  dagbladet 15:09 14 Jul 2004


  Terry Brown 15:20 14 Jul 2004

[1] If your motherboard has a built in sound card, it will need to be disabled via the BIOS, as a built in card takes priorty over a plug in card. [2]Does the sound from your computer still go to your speakers [i.e--when playing music]

  dagbladet 15:30 14 Jul 2004

Thanks Terry funnily enough someone else mentioned turning off the on-board sound card acfew minutes ago, but neither of us know how to do it.

  dagbladet 15:31 14 Jul 2004

....and yes I still get other sounds OK through the speakers

  dagbladet 17:51 14 Jul 2004

checked BIOS, on-board soundcard is disabled

  dagbladet 18:14 14 Jul 2004

thanks smiler, at 5 megs i'll be a wee while getting back to you.

  dagbladet 20:47 14 Jul 2004

Smiler are you talking about an internal or external cable?

  dagbladet 17:39 15 Jul 2004

Thanks so far all, audio is not muted. I seem to have the relevant sockets, now just need the right type of cable.

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