tv and pc

  dwhiteley 15:57 06 Apr 2011

when i plug in my hdmi lead in the graphic card i get no sound on my pc but on the tv

  northumbria61 16:17 06 Apr 2011

Very little information but I imagine you are connecting your PC to a TV ? You say you get no sound on your PC but on TV - BUT you do get sound On your TV from your PC ?

I am only guessing but I would think that when connected to your TV the sound from your PC is "cut off" - ie; you don't want sound coming from both - a bit like plugging in headphones.

  Ian in Northampton 18:00 06 Apr 2011

Sounds to me like the same phenomenon as when you plug your headphones into the jack socket, the speakers are automatically muted. Not sure if HDMI works the same way - but I think I'd expect it to.

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