TV package deals with broadband?.

  spuds 13:57 09 Apr 2014

I keep getting offers of having television as an addition, plus other options to my present Talktalk broadband and telephone package.

Are there any forum member's using this service, and if so, can you provide any positives or negatives that I might want to consider before I make a final decision. Also how would this effect my present television arrangements, via aerial and sat dish, including Freeview?.

As usual, any help appreciated and welcomed.

  sunnystaines 14:18 09 Apr 2014

when we upgraded to fibre optic bb with talktalk they offered free tv box too. but i said cannot i not have the free tv package to watch over the fast fibre optic i was getting? answer no because after a certain time the free tv box becomes chargeable each month, so we kept declined the free tv box.

  sunnystaines 14:21 09 Apr 2014

remember to barta any package they offer you, including calling back next day and trying again some operaters give discounts others do not.

  spuds 18:14 09 Apr 2014

sunnystaines - thanks for the response, very much appreciated.

Its not a case of discounts, because the discounts are part of the printed package deal

I was mainly concerned about the negatives or positives, and especially how this will effect my present television routine?.

  wiz-king 19:00 09 Apr 2014

Eggs and baskets spring to mind I don't have such a deal as I watch very little TV and so can get all I need from freeview. It is rare to loose the mains connection but power cuts still happen and I still keep battery radios on hand.

  bumpkin 22:57 09 Apr 2014

Spuds I am with Talktalk and had the same offer of a free box, firstly nothing is ever free and I can,t see it doing anything that I need that I can,t do anyway, I declined their generous offer to help me. Oh just remembered it requires an upgrade and new contract for a "small" monthly fee. Give it a miss in my opinion.

  spuds 09:03 10 Apr 2014


I think you may well be right, a non-event at least at this moment in time.

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