TV Out Port

  RMac 12:16 03 May 2003

Hows this port work? Ive got the lead to connect my PC to my video/tv but how do you then actually play DVD's from your PC on the Television?

  Totally-braindead 12:27 03 May 2003

It depends on the make of the card, you have to set it up to play on the screen, it'll be somewhere in the software you got with your card. As an example if the cards Nvidia you use what they call twin view and just select the Tv as your second output. Mines a Ati graphics card so in order to use the Tv as an output I just go to displays and set it up from there

  BRYNIT 12:47 03 May 2003

As per Totally-braindead

Also you must connect you PC to your tv/video, turn your tv/video to the correct channel ie AV1/AV2 etc then reboot your computer this will allow the comuter to see the tv.

  RMac 18:53 03 May 2003

Thanks for the tips - I have a NVIDIA GE Force MX420 card.

I have already tried connecting to av channels & rebooting but its just a blank screen. Would you connect to video or TV as they are both linked & have the ability to link to either?

Your helps most appreciated

  Inigo 19:06 03 May 2003

On my computer, you need to select the TV in the display control panel - try going to Control Panel | Display | Settings | Advanced Settings, and have a look around there to see if there's a check-box or anything to display on the TV? You may need to select PAL format if it gives you the choice, so you get it in colour on your TV.

I don't have to reboot myself to change to the TV monitor, so perhaps your card doesn't either. Try selecting the TV in the control panel as above, and pressing OK a few times, and then flicking through the AV channels to find your PC desktop. You should then be able to play your DVDs as you would on your computer normally, and they'll display on your TV.

  Shagrin1 19:08 03 May 2003

1. I'm stupid, my taskbar has suddenly jumped to the left hand side of my screen and won't go back, tried pulling and clicking to no avail.
2. I tried to make a start up disk, rt clicked on floppy in my computer, then clicked on format. No sign that says set up start disk? It is a long time since I set up this computer and I forgot how I did it last time. I threw away my old Handbook for idiots so have no where to look.

  BRYNIT 19:18 03 May 2003

To get display on TV.

Right click on desktop / properties / settings you should find a display with two boxes numbered 1 & 2. Click on 2, at the bottom you should see Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.

  broggs 21:40 03 May 2003

I have an nvidia gforce card in my pc as well.What lead do you need and where can I get it from.Also where could I find a users manual for it as nvidea don't do one.

  newmy21 19:56 06 May 2003

anybody got any ideas what I am doing wrong? I can get a black and white picture only on the TV. I have tried changing the TV, The cable, the Scart to SVHS connector. Oh and the Card itself. The card is output is set to PalI.

Anything else?

  hugh-265156 20:20 06 May 2003

for radeon card go to controlpanel/display/settings click screen 2 tick extend my desktop to this box set as 640x480 now click advanced/displays/tv and set up in here as pal uk.

  hugh-265156 20:22 06 May 2003

connect the scart lead into av1 on the back of the tv and select av1 on the remote control for the tv.

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