TV out can't view video

  Myo 09:27 04 Apr 2005

My MSI Geforce2 MX440 8x vga TV out work good, but i can't view the movie on TV. When i play the game, it can view in TV but can't view video.

Please give me some suggestion for setting to view video on TV like monitor.


  Graham ® 09:31 04 Apr 2005

The TV may have a Video input channel. Look for a rectangle like a TV screen with an arrow coming from the left.

  Myo 10:05 04 Apr 2005

Hi, Graham, i also input channel to TV, that cable out put from vga card, can view all of action like monitor, but can't view video.

  Graham ® 10:32 04 Apr 2005

I don't know the technicalities off-hand, but a Video stream is different from a normal TV input, which uses an analogue channel on a TV much like a broadcast channel does.

Does the TV have a Scart socket?

  Myo 11:18 04 Apr 2005

My TV not have Scart socket, it have only one Video in and out. I put in video in that cable come from vga out.

  BRYNIT 12:46 04 Apr 2005

I would suggest going to the Nvidia Geforce Q&A page click here. Put in view video on tv and you may find you answer

  SEASHANTY 15:51 04 Apr 2005

PC to TV connecting
click here

  Myo 07:48 05 Apr 2005

i have been download 71_1.84_win2kxp driver from Nvidia site, now i can view the full screen VCD movie in TV through vga tv out. In vga card setting\Full Screen video\ set primary display, can view VCD on primary monitor and set secondary, it also can view only in TV.

when i played VCD with MediaPlayer in small window, i can't view this movie on TV, but can view other on screen except movie small windows.

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