TV as monitor - Dell Inspiron 620

  wildhouse 19:01 04 Jan 2013

Hi. Would appreciate any help in setting up my Dell Inspiron 620 so that I can occasionally use my LG TV as a monitor. Plugged in an HDMI cable - TV says No Signal. Have searched Control Panel on the Dell to see how to set up so it can recognise the TV as another monitor, but can't see how to do it. Tried searching for a new device - that doesn't work. Have gone into all Settings, including NVidia Control Panel. There is somewhere there to set up multiple displays, but the TV doesn't show as an option.

I have connected my daughter's Acer laptop via the HDMI cable, and everything automatically appeared on my TV, so I know it is not the cable that is the problem. Any help gratefully received.

  Chronos the 2nd 19:09 04 Jan 2013

You will need to change the input on the TV to either HDMI or PC not sure why your daughters laptop appears without you altering input.I have a two PC's that share two monitors and one TV but it is necessary to change the input on the TV to either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.

  SillBill 19:09 04 Jan 2013

I have a Samsung TV/Monitor - on the remote it has a button for "Source" and pressing this cycles through all the connected devices. Also using a Dell different model.

  wildhouse 19:38 04 Jan 2013

I have changed the TV input - it recognises that there is another HDMI cable connected but it can't find a signal. SillBill - what do you mean by using a Dell different model? Thanks.

  SillBill 19:41 04 Jan 2013

Couldn't remember the model! It's a Dell Inspiron 660 S.

  wildhouse 19:50 04 Jan 2013

Sorry - still not sure what you mean!

  SillBill 20:00 04 Jan 2013

Wildhouse, my Dell inspiron is connected to my Samsung TV via a splitter box which can also connect a HDMI BluRay player when I switch the splitter to connect the PC I have to press the "Source" button on the TV remote and cycle from TV to HDMI/PC. If I inadvertently leave it switched to the BluRay input I get a "No Signal" message on the screen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 04 Jan 2013

On you samsung remote do you have a HDMI button near the bottom of the remote

the source button may only cycle through ext1 ext2 ext3 not HMDI.

  SillBill 20:20 04 Jan 2013

Fruit Bat is that at me? My remote only has a "Source" button which cycles through TV/HDMI-PC/Ext(Scart)/PC(VGA) and AVI.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:32 04 Jan 2013

Sorry see you have an LG TV if the Acer works on the Tv but the Dell doesn't then must be a setting on the dell to switch to HDMI output

look in your graphic settings.

  wildhouse 21:40 04 Jan 2013

Hi Have looked in the NVidia settings but can't spot anything to change. The TV is quite new and doesn't need any setting up - I already have a Talk Talk box and a DVD Recorder linked via HDMI so no splitter needed. Think it must be Dell being their usual unhelpful selves and probably they will tell me I need to buy something from then to make the PC link with the TV. There is a connect to external display in the Control Panel but all it shows is the monitor I already have and no way to add another and the NVidia Control Panel doesn't give the option to add another monitor. I have just looked in Windows Help and it tells me to disconnect my current monitor (a bit of a pain as I have to move the computer to do this) so I will try this tomorrow and report back! Luckily I have a wireless mouse!

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