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  reburner57 11:35 12 Sep 2003

Not a PC problem I know but thought someone on here might know why this is happening or a suitable forum to post it in.

I have Telewest cable television and, at what appears to be random intervals, the screen size on my Sony TV will switch when I change channels using the TeleWest box remote control.

This is not just a reflection of the screen size the channel is broadcasting in as the screen size goes into zoom sometimes and wide screen on regular BBC programmes at other times.

Does anyone know why this is happening??

  seancblack 11:53 12 Sep 2003

quick question, do you have a widescreen TV with the AUTO picture settings enabled.

  reburner57 11:55 12 Sep 2003

Quick Reply - Yes

  seancblack 11:56 12 Sep 2003

have you tried changing channels with the auto off IE: natural wide or 16:9

  seancblack 13:20 12 Sep 2003

I am not completely up to speed with telewest controls, but do know that you can control youre TV with a sky remote by putting in a code which represents your TV model, could be that a certain button on your remote is working at the same frequency as one on your tv remote. With my W/S tv if I set it to AUTO, it actually cuts half of the diplay banner at the bottom of the sky display off, so I have to set it to full, however when watching terrestrial it then stretches the picture (awful) so I set it to 14:9 zoom. If you still have the instructions for youre TV, perhaps they will give you guidelines as to what each of the W/S options on your TV do. PS: sometimes if I watch a DVD in AUTO mode, it actually changes the aspect ratio WHILST I AM WATCHING if the TV is set to AUTO.

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