TV DVD player versus PC

  VernonTurner 12:51 21 Sep 2004

Hi to everyone.

I have just been given a DVD player to connect to the TV. The spec says compatible with DVD/CD/CD-R/CD+G/MP3 and JPEG picture CD's.

I've tried to play back some photos that I recorded on a CD-R disk from my PC but this new unit doesn't want to play them. They were in JPEG format. Am I right in thinking that domestic DVD players can't handle PC originated CD's?
Thanks in advance for any comments/advice.

  JonnyTub 12:54 21 Sep 2004

Am I right in thinking that domestic DVD players can't handle PC originated CD's

No- dvd players can handle pretty much most things stated on their box, yours say it can play jpeg cd's, did you finalise the disk when you burnt it?

  JonnyTub 12:57 21 Sep 2004

jpeg pricture cd's are by their very nature pc origonated disks so it should play on your player provided it is finalised and in the correct format i.e. cd+r or cd-r (your player is cd-r as you state)

  JonnyTub 12:58 21 Sep 2004


  VernonTurner 13:15 21 Sep 2004

Many thanks JonnyTub.

Sorry to sound so ignorant. How do I finalise the CD on my PC so I can tranfer it to this DVD player? Does this mean formatting it in a special way? I've got Roxio CD and DVD Creator.
Thanks again for your response.

  TomJerry 13:23 21 Sep 2004

Right click Draf to disc and eject CD it should give you option to finalise it. You may need to tweak options if you do not see this.

If you burn CD use CD Creator (Classical), do not produce "Multi-session" ones. You need to use option such like Disc at Once which will produce single session and finalised CDs.

  JonnyTub 13:23 21 Sep 2004

I've no experience of roxio so i can only guide you, put the picture cd, start roxio up and look for an option which says "finalise disk". maybe a user of roxio could be more specific if there's anyone out there?

  Noelg23 13:28 21 Sep 2004

Yes you do need to format the should tell you how to do this when you choose the desired say you wanted put files from Windows onto the CD you would format the CD then after you have put the files you wanted it collects all the info and when you open the CD drive a box should pop up asking you how you would like to have CD..whether you want to leave it open so you can copy other stuff onto it or you want to close it so it can be read on other drives and this should include DVD players...

  VernonTurner 13:43 21 Sep 2004

Many thanks to JonnyTub,TomJerry and to Noelg23. Going to try all this. Appreciated.

  david4637 13:50 21 Sep 2004

You do NOT need to format a CDR to write to it, only need to do this if you are creating a "floppy disc" type of CDR.

  Noelg23 14:04 21 Sep 2004

Well when I am using Roxio Easy CD creator and when I choose to do Direct CD it formats the CD first then you can copy the files you want. It depends on what project you choose. but the only time I know you dont need to format is when copying music.

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