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  DINKY66 18:37 13 Nov 2010

This is not a pc problem but i have seen you guys help with this sort of problem before

We have a splitter box which takes the aerial signal anad the sky box signal to all of the tv's in the house (5 in total). worked great when first set up but after decorating i can not remember which wire went to which hole.

At the moment the main aerial comes into the splitter box but nothing comes out. i have bought a new splitter box incase that was at fault but same problem.

The sky comes from the sky box into the spliter but again nothing comes out.

There are two in's into the splitter and 6 outs. the in's are marked DAB and FM - i have no idea what this means. the main aerial and the one that comes from the sky box have been in both of these holes but it makes no diggerence.

we do get some sort of picture on the upstairs TV's but not good enough to watch (although BBC1 sometimes is watchable

Hope some one can help

  octal 18:53 13 Nov 2010

For a start you can ignore the inputs marked FM and DAB if you are using it only for the television. There should be an input marked TV unless the TV antenna goes straight into the splitter.

Do you know the make of the splitter? It could be a passive type that hasn't got an amplifier incorporated or the active type that has an amplifier in which case there should be an electrical supply to it.

  DINKY66 19:09 13 Nov 2010

the make is SLX 5 room digital distribution kit. I believe it does have an amplifier in it. and yes it plugs into the mains electric

In FM and IN UHF are all it in sockets and the out are labelled tv1 - through to tv6

  octal 20:27 13 Nov 2010

If it helps here is a PDF of the user guide click here

The plug from the Sky dish plugs into the Sky box and not into the splitter.

As for the sky box, normally those sort of boxes are connected to the telly using a SCART lead which looks like this click here and one end goes in the back of the Sky box and the other end into the back of the telly.

  DINKY66 20:53 13 Nov 2010

Thank you for that. i have the wires as per the diagram. i have taken the aerial straight into the back of the tv and get a great picture. i have taken it out of the tv and into the splitter/ booster (in both the new and old splitter) and the picture is just a haze.cant think what i am doing wrong. Its driving me MAD.

  octal 20:55 13 Nov 2010

Thanks X7-250, that's not quite how it appears in the user guide, but it makes sense what you have posted. I'm not familiar with either box, so I'll keep quiet.

  DINKY66 21:05 13 Nov 2010

Yippee - we are getting there. lots of the chanels have a great pic but some are just lots of squares (like a scrambled puzzle)

  BRYNIT 21:10 13 Nov 2010

"(in both the new and old splitter) and the picture is just a haze"

It could be a faulty lead from the splitter box to TV. If it is a home made lead recheck both ends. If ready-made try another lead. You could also try unplugging splitter some don't like aerial leads being plugged in when the power is on.

  DINKY66 21:23 13 Nov 2010

i've noticed that some of the cables the end connectors are loose. the coax on some is a thin piece of wire sticking out of a plastic cover which is covered in lots of little wires then the outer cable cover. some of these little wires are not there on some cables - should i expose them or cut them off??

I know i am blonde but i am really appreciating all the help

  octal 21:36 13 Nov 2010

I was going to shut up, but here is a little extra help regarding those connectors and how to fit them correctly.
click here

  octal 21:44 13 Nov 2010

I fact it will be easier to pop along to Mapins, there should be one near you somewhere and buy some new leads like these: click here

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