TV On Computer - Freeview

  someperson 19:22 24 Mar 2006

My PC has the ability to pick up TV and freeview and I bought an indoor aerial but it only picked up a very fuzzy picture of one channel. Does it have to be hooked up to the main aerial on the roof?

  someperson 20:02 24 Mar 2006

forgot to say my pc has: TV antenna(DVB-S)....TV antenna (analog/DVB-T) & FM radio antenna slots.

Which one do I use for freeview ?

  ACOLYTE 20:06 24 Mar 2006

Never tried this but i would have thought the aerial need's a booster so as to make the signal stronger.The better the aerial the better the reception i would have thought.

  Ray5776 20:07 24 Mar 2006

DVB-S. Main roof aerial.

  amonra 20:09 24 Mar 2006

For decent TV reception on Freeview, it is essential to have a good external aerial. Dont waste your time with an indoor aerial, there are enough problems with Freeview on an outside aerial !

  someperson 21:11 24 Mar 2006

The hole for the DVB-S is different, it's a silver thing that sticks out, do I need an adapter?

  Ray5776 22:09 24 Mar 2006

Try the DVB-T then, it depends on what you are using.
It should be a normal female co-ax socket.

  Ray5776 22:19 24 Mar 2006

A bit more information would be useful, are you using an internal card or a USB device. If you give us a few clues we will try to help.

  Stuartli 00:25 25 Mar 2006

You use the DVB-T (i.e Digital Terrestial) for Freeview.

Try using an twin output aerial amplifier (about a tenner) so that you can provide a feed for your TV and the other for your PCI TV card.

All you require is the standard coaxial cable feed from the amplifier to the coaxial socket on the TV card.

  someperson 01:07 25 Mar 2006

<img src="click here">

  Madrat 01:18 25 Mar 2006

Are you in a freeview area? try this site for info.

click here

Freeview can be more trouble than its worth. The suposidly free service can cost up to 3 times more to instal than sky if you need an aerial upgrade, anything from £200 for standard digital aerial to over £350 for somthing that looks like it fell off the post office tower.

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