TV Card & Sky

  Muzziad 23:32 22 Mar 2003

i am looking to install a TV card into my PC. does anyone know if i can use the cable from my Sky Digital dish and use that as the aerial input for my TV card?

will i need to use a splitter in the cable to my TV, one line to my TV and one to the PC?

i know i won't be able to watch different channels on the PC & TV at the same time if that is the case but that's not a problem. i've tried to look this up online but with little success.

one further thing, would i be breaking any SkyTV contract rules. if so, i'll treat any assistance given as being for research and interest purposes only :-)

  hugh-265156 00:21 23 Mar 2003

it wont work with sky.some tv cards work with cable.the best you can do is bbc-ch5 with a ariel if you have running to your video then use a splitter box and run a coax to the card.

  Pauper 00:30 23 Mar 2003

Your post is a little confusing, initially it sounds like you are trying to use the cable which comes directly from the dish, which is not possible with most (if not all) tv cards. However you then sound like you are trying to split the aerial input which goes from the set top box into the tv, and take a branch off to the pc, is this is what you are trying to do then yes it will work as the sky channel is just another 'station' and as you correctly state you will only be able to watch the same channel as the main tv. Due to you only being able to watch the same channel you will not be breaking any of sky's regulations - to my knowledge anyway. This set up works for me well with the main tv with the set top box in the living room feeding a second tv as well as the pc.

  Djohn 00:51 23 Mar 2003

You should be ok with a connection to your PC from sky, via a video player if necessary, I have my full sky package diverted to my bedroom TV, with a full remote control from Sky.

Could have done it with a splitter from the video, but chose to do it with a radio control box available from sky, specifically designed for the purpose. J.

  hugh-265156 01:03 23 Mar 2003

as Djohn says.he words things better.

  Muzziad 01:04 23 Mar 2003

sorry for not being totally clear.

i have sky on two TVs, one downstairs, one in the bedroom. i am not sure of how the sky cabling for this works as we had the upstairs one enabled a couple of years after the main TV.

what i was looking to do, as the PC is in my office upstairs, is to split the cable that goes into back of the bedroom TV and have the signal going to the PC TV card and to the TV.

i think the initial cable from the dish goes to the tv/vcr/set top box setup in the living room downstairs.

i appreciate everyone's replies.

  Pauper 01:12 23 Mar 2003

Muzziad, you should be okay just splitting the cable, and assuming the bedroom and office are relatively close you may not need a signal booster - try it without first as you can always add one later.

  Djohn 01:24 23 Mar 2003

As huggyg71 & Pauper both say, you should be fine doing it via a splitter or as I say from the video, either way will work.

The best I can understand from the terms/conditions of receiving sky is that you are free to have it displayed on more than one set, as long as it is for your own domestic use.

The terms for hotels/pubs and other places of public entertainment are of course different.

you will know of course that although you can change any of the Chanel's from any of the sets, you can only have one Sky chanel at a time, unless of course you sign up for one of their new + packs then you can have a different chanel on two sets, or watch one and record the other. J.

  Djohn 01:27 23 Mar 2003

Thank you, but it's not really true, just that my keyboard is new! wait till it gets a bit worn, and then you will see all my mistakes! :o)

  BRYNIT 01:52 23 Mar 2003

You can split the signal from the cable but make sure all cables and connection are correct or you will reduce the signal and get a poor picture quality. If you have a TV LINK you will need to make the split between this link and the TV.

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