TV card not finding TV channels

  lindy 13:49 30 Sep 2003

Hi can anyone help?

I bought a Medion TV card which I installed and it has scanned for radio channels and they are ok however it won't scan for tv channels - I have contacted Medion who suggest downloading new drivers, which I did - still no scan - I really don't know what to do now. The aeriel works ok with the TV that I've got i the study so it shouldn't be the reception - right?!!

Any help would be appreciated.

  BarryKeith 14:11 30 Sep 2003

It's possible that the card is faulty, the radio section being OK, but the TV tuner unit may not be working. I would return it to the supplier and obtain a replacement.

  SEASHANTY 16:10 30 Sep 2003

Hi Lindy - nothing come out of your last posting click here

  woodchip 16:42 30 Sep 2003

Have you looked at option in the TV program You should be able to choose for Cable or Arial. Don't think anything wrong you are not operating it correctly otherwise you would not get radio or anything. Look under Configure channels

  graham√ 17:50 30 Sep 2003

Does it not scan, or scans and finds nowt?

  lindy 19:34 30 Sep 2003

Seashanty - correct I got nowhere with the last entry, Graham - it doesn't scan and Woodchip - I've just gone into the computer and moved the position of the tuner [switched it with the network card] to see if that will make any difference - but no difference yet.

Any other suggestions apart from returning the card

  john-232317 20:08 30 Sep 2003

If it wont scan you are wasting your time, take it back for exchange, pref for ATI card.

  woodchip 21:37 30 Sep 2003

Have you started the TV and looked in properties or configuration or options to choose ariel or cable depends what you are connected to

  woody 00:25 01 Oct 2003

I have same card same problem.
Yes i have set it to aerial.
Hope you find an answer.

  SEASHANTY 15:48 01 Oct 2003

Lindy. TV cards. In the DIGITAL WORLD magazine attached with Novembers issue of PC Advisor they mention that with the Avermedia Digital TV PCI card they installed and uninstalled it no less than SEVEN times on two different PC's before they finally got it to work. (And these are professional IT people). They also had trouble with installing a PCI Hauppauge TV card. What chance do mere mortals have?

  lindy 17:22 01 Oct 2003

I hear what you are saying I just hate to give up - but I think I'm going to have to - I don't have enought time to spend on installing and then spending time trying to the thing to work - I'll more than likely just return it - as you say Seashanty - what hope to mere mortals have!!!

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