TV Card Installed - What Now?

  Jason-211945 07:10 29 Feb 2004

Just inherited a Matrox Marvel G450 eTV card. Installed it ok, but what now? There's no software!! Is there anywhere I can find some and what do I need!?!?

  gudgulf 07:16 29 Feb 2004
  gudgulf 07:22 29 Feb 2004

and click here

Hope these are some use.

  Jason-211945 12:47 29 Feb 2004

I've downloaded the updated driver and that's worked!! However, I still can't watch tv. Am I still missing something (I downloaded the video tools but they won't install as it says that I have no Matrox hardware!)

  gudgulf 17:38 29 Feb 2004

Have you dowloaded the installation guide/manual from the second link.BTW that link is to the Matrox web site so explore on there -=--you might find all the answers you need.

The video tools will be for captyuring and editing video footage ,not tv .

  [email protected]@m 17:48 29 Feb 2004

Aerial connected? Then you have to search for channels.

  Jason-211945 07:02 01 Mar 2004

Eventually got it sussed (after many cups of coffee, much furrowing of brow and unhealthy number of fags!)

Duh! Didn't remove the original graphics card first! Soon as I did, the software installed and away I went. Nice little program called PC-VCR. Only trouble is, picture & sound quality are naff so I'm going to utilise this evening figuring out how to connect my digibox to my PC!

Thanks for your collective help (espec. Gudgulf!) couldn't have done it without ya!

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