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  John-259217 23:07 01 Aug 2003

This is a follow on from this post click here for anyone whose interested :-)

Having tried all the points raised above, I gave up on the Athlon system and moved the card (Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T) across to my PIV system.

This is an MSI board with an SiS chipset, 2.4 chip, 512 Ram, Sparkle Nvidia 4200 128Mb graphics card and XP Home.

Using the newer drivers and software it worked almost first go! (Just the registry patch needed for channel discovery).

All other software on the system including DVD player appears to work fine.

I should add that all my drivers etc are updated regularly so that may also have contributed to a successful install here.

It`s been said before that TV cards are a pain and I`d tend to agree. All told I must have spent several days (including the first setup when I first bought an analogue card a few years ago) getting them to work.

The new Hauppauge software does improve matters but a large supply of patience should be included in the box!

I`ve been considering having a play a with a satellite card, both for TV and broadband access, now the TV card drivers/software seem stable I`m more inclined to pay the fairly substantial purchase price for one of these cards.

I still feel that a fair amount of luck is involved in getting these cards working especially where hardware compatibility is concerned, also the web site could be easier to navigate when help is required.

PS. yes I did check all updates available during previous installs.

PPS. If I get really enthusiastic I may set up a dual boot with Linux on this system and see if it works with that :-)

  john-232317 07:56 02 Aug 2003

I had problem with Hauppauge card took it back, changed it for ATI, worked a treat,and still does 3 years on.Ati even sent me new update disc with dvd prog on for free. Like you say maybe a lot of luck.?

  John-259217 13:32 02 Aug 2003

Thanks for the reply -

Glad you found the change to ATI successful.

Thats how it should be, install the hardware,pop on the software and get the expected result (alright I`m dreaming a bit there lol).

With the new software the Hauppauge card is working well on my system but I`m still wary of parting with about £190 to try their sattelite card (or anyone elses for that matter) in case it suffers similar difficulties.

Even the new software I downloaded had some of its readme in German!

Alright if you can understand it otherwise, like me, its a case of
"der nukenblasten ze pastinstallen zoftwarzen unt gerflingun der crappencarden mit grateforcen!"

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