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  Wolfgang Schmitt 16:46 15 Jan 2010

Who can help me? I am writing from South Africa because I cannot get propper advise here in this country.
My monitor is an ACER P223W (LCD 22").
How do I get a good picture using the component inputs on a TV card. Which conditions must the TV card fulfill? I had a the TV card VIDEO MATE T500F; the picture was like MP4 quality.
Good advise would be appreciated!

  GaT7 16:58 15 Jan 2010

That TV card (made by Compro if I'm not mistaken) will work with both analogue & digital signals.

What kind of signal do you have access to? And are you connecting your roof antenna to the TV card?

Well, the Acer being a monitor, is unlikely to give you the best quality TV picture. And sitting up close will only add to the less-than-perfect visuals. G

  Wolfgang Schmitt 19:56 15 Jan 2010

Thank you for your reply; the COMPRO card I do not have anymore, but I look now for a card which satisfies; I have in mind the E850F also from COMPRO, but I am not sure.
Our problem here in South Africa is, that with the TV card we cannot receive the satellite signal from the dish, because this goes to a special decoder. For the TV card the signal is blocked! From the decoder I get the signal from the component output, which I then route to the component input of the TV card. With the first card I got a MP4 quality on my monitor only. I need a card which provides good quality view using the component inputs. If the card E850F would suffice I am not sure and therefore I am hesitating to invest a lot of money. Or is there an other card on the market which would be sufficient? The problem is also: I asked COMPRO support, but no reply!

  AL47 20:16 15 Jan 2010


im looking for a new TV tuner/recorder card myself

do you want to buy a new card or not, im not quite sure?

  GaT7 20:27 15 Jan 2010

You probably need a DVB-S (S stands for Satellite) TV tuner card like click here / click here. But I'm not too sure if it'll be suitable for SA's satellite setup.

Before investing in a card, I would suggest joining a dedicated forum that deals with these things, like click here (main page at click here). It's primarily a UK-based site, but some members may know a thing or two about what you should opt for in SA. All the best with it.

These links could be helpful click here, click here & click here. G

  Wolfgang Schmitt 10:46 16 Jan 2010

To AL47: As I have said: I want a knew card sufficient to get good picture on my monitor ACER P223W using the component input.
As I have explained: in South Africa the satellite signal can be received by a special local decoder only because the provider blocks any other receiving; even if a TV tuner card provides the technology for receiving the service provider blocks it.So have to get the signal from the decoder's component output. The service provider is click here.
I thank crossbow7 very much for his hints. I will attend to it.
Besides: playing a DVD gives a good picture as well as all my videos, which I recorded before on my former PC, smaller monitor and GENIUS TV card, which does not work with VISTA.

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