Tv Card

  Robotic_Rob 21:52 18 Feb 2004

Hey, Im thinking of getting a Tv Card for my pc. Would i be able to record the television programs on to my computer? If so how much hdd would it take up per hour?

  Robotic_Rob 22:24 18 Feb 2004

Cool so about 785mb per hour. Not bad. Well i was thinkin of puttin my digi box(either sky dig or what was itv dig) on to the card, so the quality should be good.

You can Buy the card from

click here

for £23 ex vat.

How can you make links on this site ?

Sorry mate, i havnt a clue with that Hi 8 cam.

  Robotic_Rob 23:21 22 Feb 2004

Can digi be pluged in 2 a tv card and still work, if the output of the digi is through a rf cable(or i think its what its called) ??

  whatchamacallit 00:19 23 Feb 2004

TV Card

Try Aldi, they are selling them on thurs,

  Robotic_Rob 18:27 23 Feb 2004

Can digital tv be plugged into the tv card? As id try my self but i dont like wasting money, just incase it blew a chip or something.

  Audeal 19:38 23 Feb 2004

I have Freeview and I record programs onto my pc.

I connect the digital box to a video recorder and connect the recorder to a Matrox Capture Card (or TV card if you don't have a capture card). It works perfectly.

The advantage with connecting to a video recorder first is that I can also record onto tape and have a backup should anything go wrong with the pc capture, like dropping frames, which is quite common.

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