tv aerial for pc?

  vienna1981 21:19 18 May 2005

Hi, I got my new pc in March and it has a TV Tuner which can be used with the InterVideo Home Theatre software that came with the PC. The problem is that when I plus my normal TV aerial into the PC I don't get as good a reception as I do on my normal TV. Do I have to get a 'special' TV aerial for use with PCs? cheers.

  Technotiger 21:23 18 May 2005

Hi, it is unlikely that your pc tvcard will match the reception of your TV - I have a tv card in my pc with which I use a separate normal indoor arial - but of course also depends on the general TV reception where you live.


  woodchip 21:26 18 May 2005

No it should work just as well if you are using the same Ariel. If it's another, not the one pluged into your TV then you may need to reset it. I have a Ariel from £ shop but I am in good area, And get Digital Freeview OK with it

  vienna1981 22:27 18 May 2005

its the same aerial as i use for the tv and in the same position, I can't get channel 5 in my area unless i have digital, will it be reception or the tv card?

  Pooke100 22:37 18 May 2005

Shouldn't be unless it's a rubbish/dud card. Reception is practically none existant in my area and I get the same on the computer as I do on the TV with an indoor aerial. It's not watchable at all, so I only use the fm radio function.

  DieSse 23:26 18 May 2005

It's all down to how good the tuner is in the card as against the tuner in the TV. It's entirely possible that one tuner may be better than another.

The differences always show most when you're in a weak signal area, or you have a poor aerial.

A better aerial and/or an aerial amplifier may improve then both.

If you end up splitting the signal to feed several devices the signal gets much weaker.

  €dstowe 09:10 19 May 2005

Since moving home from Central London to the wilds of Sussex my T.V reception has changed from awfully bad (London) to absolutely dreadful (hilly Sussex.

I bought a mains operated aerial amplifier from Maplins (a grey box thingy) and my T.V reception is nigh on perfect. You can get these boxes with 2 or up to 8 (I think) extensions for £20 - £30. Well worth it for anyone in a poor reception area.

  vienna1981 12:47 19 May 2005


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