kingslater 15:54 13 Apr 2004

the rf in doesnt work it picks up the aerial and brings lines when aerial plugged in, the tv is tuned and tryed retuning and the scart works fine, any ideas on fixing?

  Valvegrid 17:43 13 Apr 2004

Have you tried the aerial in a normal TV to make sure the signal is healthy?

Can you give a little more info on what you are using, like is it an internal TV card or external TV tuner and it's make and model may help. Assuming the signal is OK, what type of lines are you getting, horizontal or vertical.

Sorry about the questions, but you are a bit light on info.

  johnnyrocker 17:49 13 Apr 2004

what rf frequency is the object with the lines operating at and could it be a channel clash?


  kingslater 21:54 13 Apr 2004

its a tv, and the signal is healthy and the lines are horizontal

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:01 13 Apr 2004

Sounds like it not earthed right take the end of and re do it.Failing that try the horizontal hold button if it has oneor the ariel on the roof has moved.


  johnnyrocker 22:10 13 Apr 2004

make/age of tv?


  kingslater 22:29 13 Apr 2004

its not the aerial its the tv, its a bush about 2-3 year old worked fine

  johnnyrocker 22:39 13 Apr 2004

dont know if you are technical or not but the bush tv's are prone to a 15k tuner supply resistor going high resistance/open circuit located front centre of the main board situated below the crt, hope that helps.


  kingslater 22:48 13 Apr 2004

and how do i fix that?

  hugh-265156 22:51 13 Apr 2004


  johnnyrocker 22:52 13 Apr 2004

if you are not technical get a tv engineer in


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