Turntable won't talk to computer via USB

  Pineman100 17:16 20 Jun 2011

I have a little device called an EZCap, which enables the phono connectors from my turntable (via a small pre-amp) to be connected to a USB port on my Windows 7 laptop. SIW lists my sound card as NVidia High Definition Audio - which I guess means it's on-board.

Using this method, together with software called Audio Cleaning Lab, I have successfully digitised many of my old LPs.

Yesterday I tried to set a friend up to do the same thing. He has a turntable connected to a Rotel amplifier (both about 20 years old but good quality).

I downloaded Audacity on to his computer. I assumed that his amp would incorporate a built-in pre-amp, so I connected the EZCap to the Tape1 output phonos on his amplifier and plugged it into a USB port on his Windows XP computer. I'm afraid I don't know what his sound card is, but the laptop is a Toshiba - about 7 years old.

Nothing I did would get Audacity to recognise a signal from the amplifier. I tried every permutation of recording and playback device options within the computer - everything just showed a flat line on the recording meters.

I tried different output phonos on the amp Tape1, Tape2, Aux, Phono, including an additional one called "Pre Out" which I guessed to be a direct output from the inbuilt pre-amplifier. None of them would get any response.

I tried connecting up my own laptop instead of his and running Audacity on it. Same result - no movement whatsoever on the meters.

I should add that his turntable setup works fine with speakers connected to the Rotel amp.

Any ideas on how to get his setup working, please?

  eedcam 18:25 20 Jun 2011

You should go from line out on the amp to line in on the PC no need for the gadget then select line in on the Audacity mixers choices

  Pineman100 18:39 20 Jun 2011

Thanks for your response, eedcam.

There is no line-in on the computer. It's a laptop with no audio input options other than a mic jack socket and the USB ports.

We tried the mic jack socket on an earlier occasion, with the same lack of success.

There are no phono connectors on the amp actually marked "line out". Only the ones mentioned in my original post. Is one of those labels perhaps another name for line out?

  eedcam 20:04 20 Jun 2011

You might use the Tape out to the Mic in but you wouldned to be very wary of thehigh level. I I dont think Audacity will see thew usb input automatically youmay ned to go to Adjust audio properties then then the audio tab thenin the Recording section see if your gadget is avaialble in the dropdown box

  Pineman100 18:36 21 Jun 2011

Thanks again, eedcam. I did actually do as you suggested. I can't remember exactly what the words were but I selected something like "USB PnP Device" which seemed like the obvious device to choose.

No success.

  eedcam 22:36 21 Jun 2011

HI sorry got myself a bit confused forget the mixer box just try edit >preferences I/O tab and see if the device is listed unde recording if so select it

  Pineman100 13:36 27 Jun 2011


Bumping myself up, to see whether anyone else has any suggestions on this problem, please.

  Terry Brown 14:22 27 Jun 2011

For the moment, forget the EZcap.

Connect a direct phono line from the turntable (or the amp (line out or tape out) direct to the Mic (or line in) input on the laptop and try again.

This will give a direct feed to the audio recording system on the laptop.

You may have to 'Jiggle' with the output volume to get a good quality recording.


  Pineman100 14:33 27 Jun 2011

Thanks for your response, Terry.

I have already tried connecting the turntable direct to the Mic socket of the laptop. I've done it via a small pre-amp, of course, otherwise the turntable won't give enough signal.

The result, I'm afraid, is still zilch. Absolutely no signal at all is "heard" by Audacity.

  Woolwell 16:15 27 Jun 2011

I would ignore Audacity for the moment. When you connect the turntable to the laptop(s) can you get any sound from the turntable on the laptop speakers? If that works then you should be able to get Audacity to recognise it.

  Pineman100 17:53 27 Jun 2011

Hi Woolwell - thanks for replying.

No - nothing from the turntable at all through the laptop speakers.

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