Turns on then shuts down

  Flabbyfran 19:49 20 Jul 2003

My father inlaw has just moved house and asked if i could reconnect up his computer again, as he is not very computer wise and thinks i am (the fool).After reconnecting everything and pluging in I turned the pc on ,it made all the right noises though nothing appeared on the screen ,and then it shut it self down.
any ideas? It is a compaq running win98 I'm not sure of the other spec's.

  DieSse 19:55 20 Jul 2003

"Just moved" could be the key.

Take off the side of the case, and check all the cards and cables and RAM are pushed fully home into their sockets. Graphics cards are a frequent culprit, as they can get disturbed when the monitor is unplugged and replugged.

  woodchip 19:59 20 Jul 2003

Also check the CPU fan is working while you have the side of

  Flabbyfran 20:05 20 Jul 2003

Im at home now and will have to check all these thing on my next visit.
but while i was working on the computer the monitor was powered up on standby but did not come on but if i switched it off then on it came on briefly with a message inside a blue box saying something like DPMS shutting down or closing down or something before the computer shutitself down.

  Jester2K II 20:07 20 Jul 2003

How long does it stay running?? Few seconds, couple of minutes??

Any beeps on start up??

If there is no screen image and it shuts down it might be your graphics card has popped out.

Does the monitor light come on? Stay Orange? Turn Green?

  Flabbyfran 20:10 20 Jul 2003

It runs for about30 seconds
It does give one beep
the monitor button stays orange

  Jester2K II 20:12 20 Jul 2003

One beep good...

Have you physically checked all the cards and drives are securely in place. Once you've done that try again.

  Flabbyfran 20:14 20 Jul 2003

Not yet I'm back home now but will try out all your tips tomorrow.

  graham√ 20:31 20 Jul 2003

DPMS click here

Not much help with your problem, I'm afraid. (I'm not really afraid!)

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