Turning PC off

  GPC 12:41 03 Sep 2006

When I want to turn off the PC, I have to go to "Start", "Turn off computer" maybe 3 times before the computer actually shuts down.
Sometimes I get a small window inviting me to "end now"... the window lasts maybe 2 seconds ...if I'm quick enough, the PC turns off much sooner.
I've run MS Windows Defender, Norton Antivirus and Adaware... none of them found anything.
Any ideas?

  Altruist 12:56 03 Sep 2006

this message it was because I was trying to close down while still having some programmes running. For example, closing down while I had a page open in Word and had not closed that first.

  Angiemaroni 13:38 03 Sep 2006

What is the program that the invitation to "End Now"is referring to?

  Wolz 13:55 03 Sep 2006

quote: 'What is the program that the invitation to "End Now"is referring to?'
Dunno, but maybe you can find out by going to Start-Run-type 'msconfig', and look at the right hand tab to see what's running in the background.
Then you can disable it.
Sorry if this is too blatantly obvious, but I've found it so useful in the past, I had to mention it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 03 Sep 2006

Shutdown problems
click here
click here
click here

  GPC 23:45 03 Sep 2006

Thanks Altruist.
The programme referred to is "cc APP"... no idea what that is.

  terryf 23:53 03 Sep 2006

click here to speed up shutdown and also to prevent progs holding up shutdown

  SANTOS7 23:53 03 Sep 2006

Its related to Norton, try ininstalling/reinstalling
the Norton prog you have..

  terryf 23:55 03 Sep 2006

Sorry Fruit Bat /\0/\ just repeated wot u had sed:-)

  phono 00:00 04 Sep 2006

SANTOS7 seems to be quite correct,

From the Uniblue site, "ccapp.exe is a process belonging to Norton AntiVirus. It is responsible for the auto-protect and email checking facilities, both of which will not function correctly if this service is stopped. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated."

Check the Symantec/Norton website for a resolution.

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