Turned off intergrated graphics *DESPERATLY NEED ANY HELP*

  jayne.cantle 22:54 03 Nov 2013

Hello, I'm a 13 year old kid, I spent 1000 pounds on a gaming pc and have been a gamer now for many years, earlier this evening, I purchased agame that for some reason, wanted to run on my intergrated graphics card / intel on board graphics. Despite the fact I'm running on a nvidia gtx 760. The logical thing to do was open my nvidia control panel and set the game to run on the nvidia, I found out how to do this on a previously answered question, Something went wrong with my drivers and I got the error you are currently not using a display gpu or something like that. After reading that the only solution to this is to to uninstLl my intel and nvidia drivers I decided that , this was a bit out of my depth, being a kid. Instead I thought I could turn off my intergrated graphics card through the device manager and make the nvidia my main card, so I turned off the intel intergrated chip OFF VIA THE DEVICE MANAGER, thinking it would make my dedicated nvidia the main chip and run all my games at max foes, more importantly fix the problem I hD with the £10 game I just bought.

My computer black screened, failed to switch to the nvidia and therefore completely shut off my graphics systems, even though I'd watched a video showing me exactly how to turn it off.

I've spent the past 3 hours smashing my head against a wall reading seriously advanced bios reset methods involving the jumper on my bios pins and the motherboard of my pc.

HOW CAN I TURN IT BACK ON? Please help me someone, I need advice that I can follow easily and that doesn't involve too much messing with my motherboard, if the only solution is to mess with my motherboard please mother of god explain how to do it in an easy way that will work for me, or not explain. T all, the last thing I need is a complicated to follow guide that doesn't actually work for my computer and results in me just blowing up the planet in some sort of dark matter computer implosion.

Imy specs: Chillblast custom pc, chillblast fusion zed Intel i5 processor over locked to 4.2ghz Nvidia gtx 760 graphics card Windows 8 Not sure if you need anything else

All help is appreciated and I will eternally shower you in love if you can fix it for me, please make any help simple to understand no if needs be to perform as I don't want to mess up even more,

I am contacting the chillblast customer support as I do have a warranty and they do have a support line! but I'd love to see if I get any replies over night on here.

Thanks for any help you can. Provide me and I hope I've come to the right place, now excuse me while I cry myself to sleep ;(

  Dragon_Heart 00:03 04 Nov 2013

You will need to remove your graphics card first

So when you reboot there is (usually) a setting in the BIOS that can enable or disable the on-board graphics or chose which graphics option to boot with.

If all else fails try safe mode and remove offending software and go back to your last good restore point.

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