turn off windows xp

  fstr 11:12 19 Dec 2003

For some reason I suddenly have to turn off my computer twice before it turns off I cant think of anything I have installed or done to cause this.

  MAJ 11:15 19 Dec 2003

Can you explain a little better the process you're using to turn off, fstr? And have you tried a System Restore, to a date before the error started occuring?

  Ironman556 11:56 19 Dec 2003

Asabove, how do you shutdown, like everything in windows there's several ways to do it. If you press the power buttn then select shutdown the following may apply:

Just wondering it you've got a "sticky" power button. If it's always twice then it's likely to be software, but if, sometimes the pc shuts down ok, and others you have to have 3 attempts it might be somthing else.

You may also like to try:

click here;en-us;320299&Product=winxp

click here;en-us;311806&Product=winxp

click here;en-us;320008&Product=winxp

click here;en-us;308029&Product=winxp

  Ironman556 12:02 19 Dec 2003
  fstr 12:53 19 Dec 2003

I turn off By clicking start turn off computer, Then turn off

  fstr 12:55 19 Dec 2003

addition it appears to be twice every time

  MAJ 12:59 19 Dec 2003

So you go to Start > Turn off Computer > Turn Off, it then restarts and you have to go to Start > Turn off Computer > Turn Off again, at which stage it turns off????

Have you tried System Restore yet?

  Ironman556 14:07 19 Dec 2003

Have you tried shutting every program you can down, the shutting the pc down? Maybe somthing's causing a reboot.

  fstr 14:22 19 Dec 2003

Thanks Maj system restore fixed it was afraid I would have to lose a lot of programmes but only one so thats fine

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