Turn off Windows Update at StartUp in Win2K.

  Flopper 17:57 13 Oct 2003

When I boot up (on a friends PC)in Win2K I get a dialogue box which I am sure is the Windows automatic update. It is almost as if it is trying to access the net to upgrade but the PC is not connected. I cannot see any obvious places to turn it off. I thought there was an icon in Control Panel or on the TaskBar to stop it ?

  Flopper 19:08 13 Oct 2003

There is no Automatic Update icon in the control panel. Having said that I am not entirely convinced it is the Windows Update. After 'logging on' I get 2 empty dialogue boxes, one says 'Update' at the top, and we I also get a smaller box which repeats itself which says something like 'System Error, Unable To Open Dialogue' which goes after I press OK and the PC boots up properly. Also when I shut it down I get the 'Not Responding' message.
I should point out that I am attempting the kiss of life on a friends PC who has been surfing Kazza without an up to date AntiVirus package and he has been riddled with Trojans (since cleared). We have run Stinger, SpyBot, etc but up to a point we are playing a guessing game.

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