Turn off scrollbars in HTML

  Gary 22:04 20 Feb 2003

Can anyone tell me if it is possible, and how, to turn off scrollbars in HTML? I know how to do this if I am using frames and can set individual frames to have/not have them, but I have a single page and want to turn the scrollbar off on this. Is it possible without creating a frameset of only one frame?

  harristweed 23:04 20 Feb 2003

I don´t think it is possible - but i´ve been wrong before. Why would you want to?

  barryoneoff 00:11 21 Feb 2003

if the content of the page only fills a single window, the scrollbars dont appear anyway. (or not?)

  Gary 14:14 21 Feb 2003

The scrollbars still appear if the content only fills a single window - but they are greyed out and inactive. It is for this reason that I want to hide them - because having them there looks very untidy and unprofessional. Surely it is possible?

  jazzypop 15:29 21 Feb 2003

This is a method for pop-ups - click here

Or click here

What happens when you create a 1280 x1024 window without scrollbars, and the viewer's screen is set to 800 x 600 - or 640 x 480?

  Taran 19:33 21 Feb 2003

Unprofessional ?

It's thought bad practice in general web design terms to alter browser behaviour in any way.

Changing forward and back buttons by using JavaScript to direct people back or forward to a page of your choice rather than theirs, controlling or even disabling the IE toolbars and similar are all major transgressions.

What you want to do can indeed be done, but I'm at a loss as to why you'd want to and getting cross-browser compatible pages where IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror and similar all perform in the intended manner would be all but impossible.

scroll=no works in a frameset. You don't say whether you are working with a single static page or frames. There are other methods that use JavaScript but these can and do cause their own problems on all but certain browsers.

  Taran 19:36 21 Feb 2003

Sorry, should have included both common methods:



Both work best in a simple Java snippet embedded into your HTML, rather than relying purely on HTML.

  jazzypop 19:42 21 Feb 2003

I bow to your knowledge of web design, html etc, but his original post says clearly (to me) that this is not a frameset.

  Gary 20:03 21 Feb 2003

is absolutely correct in saying that the page does not use a frameset. I really cannot see why it would be considered bad practice to hide the scrollbar for a specific webpage - in fact from what I've seen it's common practice to have non-scrolling frames. The page I have is resizing so that it doesn't need a scrollbar whatever the resolution it is displayed at. Consequently, Internet Explorer is 'greying out' the scrollbar anyway - so it's already deactivated - and just looks silly when the page doesn't need to scroll. I still would like to do it - can anyone tell me where I can find code/script to achieve it?

  Taran 20:28 21 Feb 2003

I misread the original question jazzypop.


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