turn off password on start up?

  raggy 2 20:23 10 Aug 2003

can anyone help, my stepfather has a pc and not used it for 6 months as he has moved house, my question is upon start up can you enter the set up( by pressing DEL) and can you disable the password as his says that the administrator password is incorrect -- yet he says that he never had this password- and yes i know that i could have stolen a computer and be asking for advice that is illegal but this is genuine and we are both quite inexperinced with pc's and are now at a loss as what to do next please please help.

  graham√ 20:34 10 Aug 2003

I think anyone who steals computers would know this anyway, so I'll risk it by telling you how.

Turn off the comp AND remove the power lead. Now open up the case, touch a metal part to prevent static damage, and take out the motherboard battery - a small silver disk about the size of a 10p. Note which way up it is.

Leave for 30 minutes, then refit the battery and connect the power lead. Start the PC and enter set up. Now you can enter your own password (1234 is good!) and off you go.

  Proxy worm 20:35 10 Aug 2003

well this happend to me once, but first thingis it windows xp?

  raggy 2 21:11 10 Aug 2003

did you get my response? not sure so here goes have tried that but still the same and in safe mode it asks for admin password

  graham√ 21:15 10 Aug 2003

By email

'have done this and it didnt work, even tried starting up in safe mode and it asked for password, have you anymore suggestions?'

raggy 2, best to use the 'Add a new response' facility below. Sending an email reveals your email address.

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