Turn off or hybernation?

  Jaro 21:59 07 Mar 2005


just wandering, is beter turn off comp. completly or just put it in hybernation. I have read that the hybernation is much beter than turn off. its save computer and because i am normaly turning off my comp. every day its quite important for me.


  stalion 22:03 07 Mar 2005

have always turned my computer off for the last ten years with no adverse effects

  Jaro 22:10 07 Mar 2005

well i have been doing the same as you i was just wandering. you know what if ? but i think that there wont be any what if? :)

  Jaro 22:11 07 Mar 2005

i wanted to say that i hope there wont be any what if :)

  Jaro 22:13 07 Mar 2005

my comp is like my second wife:) well i dont heve a wife anyway:)

  Pesala 22:55 07 Mar 2005

Hibernation may be better for the computer than constant stop/start ten times a day. Leaving any electrical appliance plugged in and switched on carries some risk. At least unplug the PC at night and disconnect the modem too during thunderstorms.

Connect all peripherals via a surge protected trailing socket so that you only need to unplug one plug.

The monitor uses the most power. Set it to power down after about 15 minutes of inactivity. Defragment your hard disk daily if you're away from the PC for long periods.

  VoG II 23:00 07 Mar 2005

Left on 24/7 for instant access and background heating.

  Migwell 23:17 07 Mar 2005

To me hibernation seems to be the same as turning off except that you save everything at the point you finished at before close down. With modern motherboards they realy only partly shut down as things like my mouse and keyboard still show lights anyway. To start the computer I only have to touch any key on the key board or click the mouse and it all starts up to the point that it was at when I put it to sleep. I have been doing it this way for quite some time now since Windows XP and may be before that.

  Belatucadrus 00:23 08 Mar 2005

The buzz word is "Thermal expansion" apparently turning your PC on and off causes the solder to expand and contract and the entire computer will disintegrate into a pile of very fine dust if you turn it on and off too frequently.
Or you could take the alternate view that this is a much overrated problem and you'd rather not pay the electricity board to run your PC when it isn't doing anything. I've always turned my PCs off everyday since 1997 and none of them have ever failed.

  Starfox 00:31 08 Mar 2005

Switch on in the morning and switch off when finished work at night.Been doing this since 1986 with no adverse effects that I know of,

  Jaro 20:24 08 Mar 2005

thank you all for your advice i think i will cary on with turn off and on as i was before.

i will have to get the surge protected trailing socket for me as PESALA sugested. that i think is very good idea.

thanks again

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