turn off onboard graphics card

  onefoot 16:08 05 Feb 2010

Hi,I have an acer aspire m3201 computer with Amd phenom quad core 1.8 processor,Ati hd 3200 graphics card onboard,6Gb of ram,64bit win 7 home premium,which uses part of my ram.
I would like to turn off this card so that I may install a pci.e graphics card.
Is this possible ?.
P.S.I am 90yrs old,so an expediteous reply would be appreciated.

  sunnystaines 16:18 05 Feb 2010

you must be the oldest member.

normally the onboard graphics is auto disabled as soon as it detects a card placed in the graphics card socket.

on rare occasions you might have to go through the bios and disable it.

  GaT7 16:25 05 Feb 2010

As sunnystaines says, it's most likely you won't have to turn off onboard graphics if you install a dedicated graphics card. But do remember to plug-in your monitor into the new graphics card port.

What graphics card were you thinking of installing, if you don't mind me asking? I'm trying to determine whether the power supply (PSU) will be up to it or not.

It's amazing to be doing what you are doing at your age. G

  onefoot 09:51 13 Feb 2010

Thank you for your advice,I am in cyprus for a month with my daughter who lives there.
many thanks again.

all the best

  newearwax 09:54 13 Feb 2010


That makes me a sapling @73 and 3/4. lol

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