turn off onboard graphics

  dfghjkl 21:51 25 Jun 2003

i have a matsonic ms8308e m\board sis630\730 ob graphics,i want to fit mx440 graphics card,agp,i cant turn off ob in bios when i delete driver in settings (xp) i load up new driver and i get freeze etc ,help please

  Quiller. 21:56 25 Jun 2003

Is there a setting in the bios to disable the on board graphics? Have you saved settings and exit with a "y"?

If there is no reference to onboard graphics in the bios, have you checked your motherboard manual for jumper settings. They can be sometimes disabled by moving a jumper.

  jojo_1 22:20 25 Jun 2003

Go to device manager and right click on the 'display adapter' go to properties and click on the drop down bar that says 'enable' and change it to 'disable'. Turn off machine and install new graphics card.

  dfghjkl 22:43 25 Jun 2003

thanks,i have got the manual but no clues,i have not tried the disable i saw it but i was scared that i would not be able to get it back should a problem still occur,can i do a system restore if this was the case?

  jojo_1 22:46 25 Jun 2003

Yes, windows will use its own default graphics with 16 colours, you can enable your own graphics in the same way as you disabled them.

  jojo_1 22:47 25 Jun 2003

You will need to install the original graphics drivers too.

  dontaskme 00:19 26 Jun 2003

You may not be able to disable the onboard grpahics.

I had to buy a new motherboard so that i could install a graphics card.

  Quiller. 00:23 26 Jun 2003

With windows fully loaded, do as jojo_1 says, disable display adapter in device manager. Shut down.

Install new graphics card.

Restart and enter the bios and disable on board graphics. Save settings and exit. This will reboot the machine.

Windows should have the drivers for the mx440 card or use the one's supplied.

Update drivers if windows has installed the generic one's for the card.

  billyliv 00:29 26 Jun 2003

Hi, I have had a quick look at your post, normally you need to move a jumper on your motherboard to disable your onboard whatevers. My supper is nearly ready so I have to leave you for the moment but I will have a look at your board specs and get back. Cheers, Bill

  Quiller. 00:31 26 Jun 2003


It should be alright as the facility is there in the bios.

"i have not tried the disable i saw it but i was scared that i would not be able to get it back should a problem still occur,"


The bios does have a couple of good fail safe alternatives should there be a problem. It can be set to defaults by either entering the bios and picking that tab or by shorting it via the jumper on the motherboard. removing the cmos battery for a couple of hours also has the effect of resetting everything.

  billyliv 00:47 26 Jun 2003

Hi, Sorry no help from this end. Got onto your M.Board site and they want me to pay for the M. Board manual. If you have the manual it should detail how to disable your onboard graphics, sound, whatever. cheers, Bill

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