Turn off an internal wireless internet connection

  Lavenham 17:05 23 Apr 2006

Is it possible to turn off a wireless laptop internet connection. Sometimes my son spends too much time on the web and not on his coursework can I change settings? turn off? his connection.
If I bar him on our wireless connection he connects from neighbours(not known whose). Thanks to all who helped with the 'Word' problem.

  rmcqua 17:11 23 Apr 2006

Start > Control Panel > Network connections > Wireless Network Connection > Disable.
Of course, this assumes that he doesn't know how to switch it back on again!

  Lavenham 17:15 23 Apr 2006

Yes I'm sure he will know how, any other ways?

  johnnyrocker 17:15 23 Apr 2006

pull the adapter?;))


  terryf 17:22 23 Apr 2006
  Lavenham 17:49 23 Apr 2006

I am going to try those and hopefully I will be successful. So I'll say problem resolved. Many thanks

  ade.h 21:42 23 Apr 2006

If he connects to your neighbour's network (which is illegal by the way) you really should find out who it belongs to and suggest to them that they enable WPA security (without telling them the specifics of why, obviously). That way, your son has no excuses for not doing his homework and he won't be breaking the law.

  woodchip 22:38 23 Apr 2006

Change the Wireless settings in Router and setup a password so he cannot get in

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