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Turn down display settings

  Anon-226568 14:13 21 Dec 2005

I've forgotten how I switched the XP display settings to make them look a bit w98(ish), thus freeing up some sytem resources.

  Anon-330448 14:18 21 Dec 2005

Open Control Panel and in the left hand pane click Switch to Category View

  Anon-226568 14:28 21 Dec 2005

Basically the XP desktop contains lots of shadow and shading and stuff. This tweak turned all that off. I'm not having massive problems but with 900meg CPU, 256 meg RAM, XP pro, i'm just trying to lighten the load. I used to know how to do it but i've forgotten. I'll try these two and let you know.

  Anon-226568 16:33 21 Dec 2005

That's it! Thanks all. Resolved.

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