TuneXP 1.5 and Re-Formatting Win XP Pro?

  dublincity 01:33 17 Nov 2004

I've been on Win XP Pro for more than a year and have (inevitably?) lost a few functions due, apparently, to missing files, inc. .dll files, caused, perhaps, by bad uninstallations.

Until yesterday, I'd never had a formatting disk. I now have the original with which my system was set-up by my neighbour. I've just run it along with TuneXP 1.5 which, many times over 40 minutes, called for the disk. I'd imagined that all missing files were being replaced.

Nothing's different and the loss of functions is still exactly the same as before.

What would happen if I attempt to install the whole XP Pro set-up on top of my existing set-up? A message says that the disk set-up is an older edition than mine - presumably that's because mine has had umpteen Microsoft critical and optional updates and patches? Thank-you, All.

  hugh-265156 01:59 17 Nov 2004

tune Xp i would leave alone for now click here

a repair install click here in my opinion will not be helpful to you, although you should not lose any data apart from windows updates it wont fix software or hardware problems.

"I now have the original with which my system was set-up by my neighbour."

do you not have your own original xp cdrom or restore disk/floppy? did your neighbour give you a copy of windows? and have you ever tried to update windows? click here

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