Tune-up Tribulations

  The Tetrahedron 11:19 26 Mar 2010

Hi guys,

Just received the latest issue of PC Advisor and I believe the version of Tune-up on the disc is the wrong one. I installed the software as per the on-screen instructions, which included updates. After installing the software I entered the licence key only to get an error message saying it was for an earlier version of Tune-up.

I thought the update might be the problem so I un-installed the software with revo un-istaller, re-installed the software from the disc and entered the license key again. Same problem, the license key wont work for the version of tune up on the disc, which dose appear to be the 2010 version, not the 09 version.

I have managed to solve the problem by downloading the 09 version from Tune-ups website and entering the license key.

Here is the website address: click here

Just thought I would let you know, save the same problems I experienced.

  birdface 11:24 26 Mar 2010

After downloading the 2009 version did it let you update to the 2100 version or were there no updates available.

  birdface 11:27 26 Mar 2010

Maybe drop the FE a note as they will probably get a few complaints from others that have tried and not succeeded.

  The Tetrahedron 11:42 26 Mar 2010

Hi Buteman,

When I downloaded and installed the 09 version I was offered the option to update. However I declined, and set the update reminder option to never.

After checking the version on the disk, it is labled as 09, however after installation I ended up with the 2010 version. Its difficult to say if this is because of the updates or the wrong version being on the disc. However after un-installing with revo and removing all traces the same problem persisted which leads me to believe it maybe the later.

Before I take this further it's probably best waiting to see if other people experience the same problem. That way we will know for certain.

  simonjary 08:22 27 Mar 2010

We'll look into this and get a solution. Thanks for the heads up.

  dagbladet 11:27 30 Mar 2010

Solution from another thread.

click here

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