.ts files......so where's me subtitles then :-)

  six-h 15:45 08 Jun 2010

just tried "Exporting" a couple of recordings from my PVR for the first time last night.

Ever mindful of the many posts concerning the "playability" factor of these files, I was plesantly surprised when WMP 11 made just a token complaint before playing them faultlessly.

However, despite having "enabled" Lyrics, Captions and Subtitles, they don't appear.

I had thought that my PC might have made a better effort with them than the PVR, whose performance might best be described as "sporadic"!

I can't "explore" the content of the file, since it is just that...a file, not a folder where you could see the various component files.
Something that other posters seem able to do.

Beginning to wonder if I'm doing something wrong when transferring them since you can't "navigate" the file when it's playing, it can ony be paused or stopped, there's no back or forward options.
also, they won't play in "Moviemaker", I can import them, but they don't play, just the counter and slider move, no preview at all.

  woodchip 15:52 08 Jun 2010

No sure on PVR but if these are Video, then They need to be Burned to Disc using most likely the Software you used to edit them as it will know where it stored all the bits it created them with. Thats why Media Player does not play the bits. If you play it in the Edit software they should all show up

  six-h 15:59 08 Jun 2010

Hi woodchip, I've not used any editing software, just selected "Export to USB" on the PVR, which transferred 'em to an SD Card, popped that in the PC's card reader and transferred 'em to my HDD.
They show up as ".ts" files.

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