Trying to watch a DVD film

  Paddylad 22:39 03 Feb 2010

Good Evening all, the problem I've got is that I cannot watch some of my bought DVDs films on my computer monitor. I've found , that by right clicking the screen I can 'open disc' and find 0 values or even negative values set. I've tried changing the values but only get very limited results. Please, can any of you help me?

I'm using Windows XP SP3

  MAJ 22:46 03 Feb 2010

Which application are you using to view the DVD? Try using VLC Player, it can play just about anything. click here

  Paddylad 10:41 04 Feb 2010

I already use it. This problem occurred with another DVD and I thought nothing of it so when it happened again, and that was when I tried right clicking the screen. I tried different values, all with the same result, the film runs for a few minutes then stops.

  eedcam 12:13 04 Feb 2010

Not sure what you mean by right click the screen.
When I put a dvd in it opens automatically showing a Video ts folder .Or if it does not then when you right click on the drive and choose open it should show the same

  Paddylad 18:35 04 Feb 2010

I appreciate what you're saying. Try putting a dvd into your player and when it opens, and before you click on "play", right click on the screen, left click on "open", then left click on "open disc". You should see two pairs of Audio and video values. This is where I get hung up.
All 4 values are different. I've tried putting in a film that has worked and the values were 0 and 0 for the top pair and -1 each for the bottom pair. I tried those on the dvd that wouldn't play and got no response. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that the dvd is at fault and should be binned, but I'll hold off for a little while just in case an answer is forthcoming. Thank you both for your help.

  Paddylad 19:00 05 Feb 2010

I finally uninstalled and reinstalled VLC player and whether by accident or not I can now view the film. Thanks again, and I'll tick as resolved.

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