Trying very hard to get BT Broadband installed

  pj123 15:46 20 May 2004

I have just got back from visiting a friend who has been trying to install BT Broadband for the last 7 weeks. I finally got it installed and working apart from one small problem. When trying to read Mail the standard dialup connection window opens with the usual boxes “User name, password, Connect, setup, Work Offline etc. As it is BB “always on” why is this? I am on NTL Broadband which doesn’t use the telephone lines at all so I don’t know much about ADSL modems and filters and such.

If we close OE we are still connected to the internet and can surf the web. I also notice that sometimes the system tray shows the “two monitors” like it did when on dialup and sometimes it doesn’t. If we click the Connect button in OE it acts as if it is a dialup connection (except for the actual dialling noise) but then says Invalid username or password. All his old dialup settings have been removed and the modem disconnected. Have tried the BT helpline but not much help there. He has two phone sockets in the house, the main incoming line and 1 extension. We fitted the filters to both sockets but BT said to take the filter out of the socket that doesn’t have the ADSL modem in. Didn’t make any difference. I thought you had to put a filter in every phone socket? Can anyone who is on BT BB give me some help please? The main internet connection is working fine, just the email section doesn’t appear to be working.

  struggle8 15:53 20 May 2004

Well he could always phone on of the very helpfull people at tec support in INDIA on the other end of the phone who probablly wont have a CLUE and need to spend loads of hours looking it up in a book for you there you go

  Djohn 15:57 20 May 2004

You will need a filter in any socket that has a phone connected to it otherwise you can leave the filter off that socket.

In IE click on tools/internet options/connections and make the Broadband connection the "Default" one. [Assuming there are others in there.] also place a tick in "Never dial a connection" This will stop the window from appearing. j.

  DJ-Garry 16:02 20 May 2004

I had that when i went over to blueyonder. I just deleted the connection in dialup networking and made sure the connection settings in my programs were set to LAN.

  Djohn 16:02 20 May 2004

Although BB is always on, it's only on when you decide you want it on. The way I have mine set is with the BB Icon to my ISP on my desktop. First thing in the morning I click on this and make the connection, this stays live until I decide to turn it off, either at night or leave it for many days at a time.

Although now connected via BB there will be no browser showing on the screen until I click on one of the Icons to choose which browser I wish to use. Sometimes I have several different browsers open at the same time. j.

  pj123 16:03 20 May 2004

Thanks John, will have to ring him now and talk him through that bit.

  pj123 17:02 20 May 2004

John, BT has just told me that you only need a filter in the socket that has the modem connected. So who is telling fibs here?

  Bagsey 17:10 20 May 2004

When you get the connection kit from BT they give you a modem and at least two filters ??? Why if you only need one at the modem point??. I have 3 filters on my system one for every phone, and it works.

  Djohn 17:22 20 May 2004

Pete. I don't know who from BT has made this alleged statement but it's wrong. You will need a filter for any hard-wired phone points that have a phone/fax or SKY TV connected to them.

If the sockets are just sitting there and not being used then you will not need to place a filter in them.

If all the sockets throughout the house are just trailing leads that are extension leads then you may group them together close to the main socket, use a double/treble adaptor to join them together then connect just the once into the phone side of the filter.

  pj123 17:50 20 May 2004

Yes there were two filters, but doing what BT said and only using one of the filters on the socket that has the ADSL modem and being on the Internet we can still use both telephones. That is the telephone connected to the filter with the modem and the telephone on the main incoming line that does not have a filter connected to it. So we have only used one of the two filters supplied, but can still use either phone.

  Djohn 19:12 20 May 2004

That is because you have used a variation of my explanation above. You have the phone and modem connected to a hard-wired socket through a filter and the other phone plugged directly into the main socket. Not ideal but will work.

The ADSL filter used at the hard-wired socket is doing it's job of filtering the line and allowing a phone and modem to be connected to the same point. If the socket where the modem and phone are connected was a soft-wired or extension lead it would not work unless the filter was at the main socket.

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