Trying to update my website

  jacobjohn7 15:22 15 Apr 2009

Hi all,
Please could someone help. I have been looking to update my site, but something strange has happened, nothing has changed since last time I uploaded etc. But now i get this following message, when trying to update/add gif files:
"unable to create remote folder. Access denied. the file may not exist or there could be permission problem"
However text changes upload and take effect as normal... so a problem relating to images.
Any help appreciated.

  jacobjohn7 20:14 15 Apr 2009

Hi, im using FTP from dreamweaver(design mode), the settings worked before and are the same as before, so cant work out why its just having a problem with image files.
Its that when I put the html file up, that message occurs for any new image change I am introducing. But like I say the files are going up, text changes are there, but images not playing.

  Jim Thing 21:38 19 Apr 2009

I think fourm member is on the right track. Are your images in a separate folder? And are you sure you're uploading them to that specific folder?

On my ISP's server, my website has a main folder which contains all my .html files. Inside this is a sub-folder (Images) containing all my .jpg and .gif files. Is it possible that you're trying to upload your revised images to your main folder instead of to your Images sub-folder?

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