trying to Update Bios without Floppy drive: the latest story

  Salamander7 23:40 07 Apr 2013

This post is primarily focused on Fruitbat because he posted the link which has taken me to this point in my saga but anyone is welcome to join in especially if they have a knowledge of Dos.


I followed the instructions in the link you posted and successfully booted from CD and while in Dos told the computer to open the BIOSUPDATE. EXE file. I then got a long list of type which appeared to be lots of instructions for example "update microcode". It finished with a list of four options the last one being: answer YES to any prompt. I presume these instructions were not meant for my immediate use but were part of the update. Then everything stopped. I did not know what to do next. How could I get those instructions up and running? After a while I tried typing 'yes' but it just moved to the next line: nothing happened. So what I need to know is what response do I need to give to make the programme execute all the instructions it listed?

When copying the files onto the boot disc I only copied BIOSUPDATE.EXE. I noticed there was an Autoexec batch file which I ignored. Should I have copied it to the boot disc as well. I just feel I am close to resolving the issue, it is just that I lack the final expertese.

Can you help, Fruitbat?

  Salamander7 12:26 08 Apr 2013


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:01 08 Apr 2013

previous thread

Really would have been easier to carry on with old thread than start another.

CD link

As its booted into the CD I assume you burnt it correctly as an ISO

If you are in DOS at an A:\ prompt then type

cd z:

press enter should put you at z:/

now type biosupdate.exe

press enter

and follow the on screen instructions carefully.

I have only flash a BIOS twice, first time failed and cost me £200 new board cpu and memory, second time a couple of years later and with a lot more computer knowledge I attempted to get the old motherboard working as a learning experience. Of course by then the board was well out dated :0)

Moral Don't flash BIOS unless absolutely necessary a last resort only.

  Salamander7 14:28 08 Apr 2013

I appreciate your response, Fruitbat.

I have done everything you listed already. When I typed biosupdate.exe I got the long list of text I referred to above then everything just stopped. There were no instructions for me to follow. There was a a list of four options one of them being "Type Yes to any prompt" but there was no prompt. I typed "YES" but this had no effect.

My feeling is that the four options are part of the programme that needs to run and then the options would be accessed. As it stands the BIOS update is listing itself but is not running. How do I get the programme to Run(execute?). Do I need to include in my boot CD the autoexecbat file which was one of the files in the original BIOS update?

The reason I am trying to update the BIOS is that I have fitted a 3.8 GHZ CPU which is only running at 2.6 despite the fact that Windows has recognized it as 3.8 GHZ.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 08 Apr 2013

Open the autoexe.bat file in notepad an copy and paste it here

lets look at what it does I suspect its the same as the one on the iso file and its just to get dos and the CD rom drivers running

  martd7 15:04 08 Apr 2013

If you cant get round it you could purchase an external usb powered floppy drive?

  Salamander7 16:37 08 Apr 2013


Notepad or any other programme I have on the PC will not open the batch file. I do not think it is the same as the ISO file because it only a 1K file. 144 bytes to be exact.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 08 Apr 2013

right click - open with - choose notepad

  Salamander7 19:55 08 Apr 2013

I have discovered the way to open the batch file is to Right click then choose edit. Having done that the file read as follows:

@echo off cls ver/d echo. echo Flash First BIOs update Diskette echo System BIOS echo V5.00 R1. 10. 2190 echo. BIOFLASH/Auto :END

That is it nothing more, nothing less.

  Salamander7 19:57 08 Apr 2013

The formatting on this forum prevented the above text appearing as I typed it. Every echo is the start of a new line.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:51 08 Apr 2013

Copy to the CD with the BIOS update and run it from the CD

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