Trying to speed up a laptop.

  Rizlo 20:42 09 Aug 2009

My laptop has 1GB of ram, and works fine on the net. My sister has given me her laptop to see if i can make it faster.

It is pathetically slow which is weird because she bought hers at the same time as me and it has XP as OS, but her ram is only 224MB.

It's unuseable. Will she have to by a new laptop to use the Internet as it takes ten minutes to load a page. Could there be another problem or is it the ram?

  VoG II 20:54 09 Aug 2009
  GaT7 20:55 09 Aug 2009

I'd definitely recommend an OS reinstall/recovery, with a thorough clean-up at the very least. Don't forget to backup prior to this. A few pointers in this recent thread click here.

My friend's laptop wasn't too dissimilar to your sister's. It had 20Gb junk files & very little space remaining on the hard drive. A fresh OS reinstall & freeing up space did wonders. I also increased the RAM to make it even better.

Don't spend any money on it though until you're able to do the clean-up or reinstall/recovery. G

  2neat 20:58 09 Aug 2009

Theres a few things you can do. Download latest update for your AV prog and perform a full scan. Download Ccleaner and run to remove all the *rap.
Download RegCleaner & run to fix any reg faults.
If it was mine I would format & re-install windows, then spend hours updating to XP sp3, IE 8 etc. Good luck

  Miké 21:31 09 Aug 2009

More Ram More Ram More Ram More Ram.

Did I say more Ram? click here

  woodchip 23:46 09 Aug 2009

Just chucking Ram at it will not necessarily make it much faster. there is lots of bad advice about Ram. As above other things can speed it up more than a load of Ram. Though upping it to 512Mb would not do it any harm

  ztronicsalien 07:05 10 Aug 2009

A 256 MB RAM should be enough for surfing internet. If still the internet is slow, it could be some other problem but it can not be due to the lack of RAM at least when you are using Windows XP operating system.


  Rizlo 18:10 10 Aug 2009

I made a recovery disc ages ago. Now I'm trying to use it on a different laptop but it say...these PC recovery discs do NOT support this PC model
Press any key to continue.

I need to reformat the laptop. The CD I'm trying to use is XP and that's the same as the OS it's using now.

It has no partition, so what should i do?


  GaT7 18:20 10 Aug 2009

Recovery CDs are only really meant for the original system they were created on.

Is the WinXP CD you're trying to use, the same version of WinXP on the laptop? Home for Home, OEM for OEM?

Do you have the original product key? It will be on a sticker printed on the laptop. Otherwise use MJBKF click here in Windows to locate it. Write it down. Do not attempt to reinstall Windows without having this to hand, & make doubly-sure it is correct.

You'll also want to visit the manufacturer's website & download their drivers for this particular model prior to the fresh install.

Do not forget the thorough prior backup as well. G

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