Trying to share a printer

  bumpkin 19:21 24 Oct 2013

Hello, I am trying share a printer between W7 and XP pc's. Printer is USB to W7pc. XP pc connects to W7 via wireless router. Printer shows as shared on XPpc and shows Local network as the router. Printer does not show on W7 Devices and Printers but works fine from W7pc. It does show in Device Manager but in properties there is no option to enable sharing. If I try to use it from XPpc it says offline. Any help please.

  rdave13 19:24 24 Oct 2013

Have you installed the printer's drivers on 7 and XP? That could be the problem.

  bumpkin 20:08 24 Oct 2013

rdave, yes I have, the XP pc will print fine if I use a cable as will W7 but I wanted to network it so as not to have to keep swapping cables.

  BRYNIT 20:50 24 Oct 2013

You say "It does show in Device Manager but in properties there is no option to enable sharing" where are you selecting properties from?

If your printer is connected to your Win7 computer and you have the drivers installed, go to control panel/devices and printers you should have a an icon for your printer. Right click on the printer icon and select printer properties. Select the sharing tab. You should now have the option to share the printer.

  rdave13 20:56 24 Oct 2013

Printer does not show on W7 Devices and Printers and that is the problem I think. Reinstall the printer driver on the Win 7 machine. See if that helps.

  bumpkin 21:07 24 Oct 2013

That is the problem and I have reinstalled the driver on W7 but it still does not show. I have also tried a restore but no icon or printer listed unless I press "add printer" in then says that it is installed but shows no icon just the printer name and when I click on that to get to properties nothing happens even after 15mins.

  Batch 05:21 25 Oct 2013

does this help:

click here

  BT 07:57 25 Oct 2013

It may be a conflict between using a wired and wireless connection. You will need separate installations for each. I used to have my desktop wired and the laptops wireless but had problems. so I made them all wireless and no further problems.

  bumpkin 12:33 25 Oct 2013

Hi all, thanks for your suggestions. I have just had another look at this but unless I can get a printer icon to appear I can't see any way of enabling sharing. I had a look on the web but could not anything of much help.

  bumpkin 20:36 25 Oct 2013


  rdave13 21:04 25 Oct 2013

Does the printer show in Revo uninstaller on the Win 7 machine? Worth trying to uninstall the driver via Revo. Reboot and run Ccleaner's registry cleaner and try and re-install the printer driver. Looks like a corruption somewhere if the printer is not showing in Devices & Printers.

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