Trying to run two graphics cards in Win 7 !

  Paul33 22:04 17 Jun 2012

I want to run my desktop PC off an NVIDIA graphics card that I have installed but - on the limited occasions I need to - run a hdmi PC to TV link from an AMD card that I also have installed and which has the necessary hdmi connection and on-board audio.

How do I do that under Win 7 ?

I have an AMD control centre program that shows the two "monitors" and correctly identifies the 42" Plasma as one of them but all I seem able to do is duplicate AMD settings across both screens which leaves me with massively too high resolution for my PC. I can't seem to appy different settings to each screen, let alone run one screen from AMD and one from NVIDIA.

Both cards are showing as fine under Device Manager but I can't reach my NVIDIA card via the NVIDIA software as it says I'm not connected to it !

Any ideas ?

  Paul33 10:00 18 Jun 2012

Not sure what the difference is !!!

When I watch TV via the hdmi link, I will only be watching the TV but I'll need access to the PC to set up whatever I'm watching so I guess I need the HDMI output at HD resolution but the PC showing the same but retaining standard desktop resolution !

  Paul33 12:24 18 Jun 2012
  Paul33 13:55 18 Jun 2012

Sorry for the confusion caused and thanks for all your considerations !

I don't really care what is connected to what to be honest - all I want to be able to do is occasionaly watch online streams via a HDMI link to my Plasma TV without screwing up my PC.

I had this all working fine under XP but since upgrading to Win 7 last week, I haven't been able to work it out.

I can certainly output via the HDMI cable with sound but initially it only gave me a plain Windows background. I was then told I needed to select "duplicate" (or similar) in the AMD software which did the trick but left me with a ridiculous hi-res PC monitor that eventually became unresponsive.

I thought the answer was to make use of both graphics/video "cards" on the PV but maybe thats not the way to go. I only wish I knew how it worked under XP because it was perfect and I've changed no hardware since !

CPU Details

Property Value PAUL-PC Summary Number of Physical Processors 1 Number of Cores per Processor 4 Number of Logical Processors 4 CPU #1 AMD Phenom X4 9550 CPU Name AMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Processor CPU Code Name Agena Vendor AuthenticAMD Number of Bits 64 Instruction Set MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4A, x86-64, NX, VMX, SVM Platform Name Socket AM2+ (940) Revision DR-B3 Technology 65 nm Original Clock 2200 MHz Original System Clock 200 MHz Original Multiplier 11.0 CPU Clock 2200 MHz System Clock 200.0 MHz HT Link 1000.0 MHz Number of Cores 4 Core #1 Speed 1100.0 MHz Multiplier 5.5 Core #2 Speed 1100.0 MHz Multiplier 5.5 Core #3 Speed 1100.0 MHz Multiplier 5.5 Core #4 Speed 1100.0 MHz Multiplier 5.5 Turbo CORE Not Supported Virtual Technology Disabled SLAT Supported Hyper Threading Not Supported Cache L1 Data Cache 4 x 64 KBytes L1 Instructions Cache 4 x 64 KBytes L2 Cache 4 x 512 KBytes L3 Cache 2048 KBytes

  Paul33 14:21 18 Jun 2012

I downloaded latest Win 7 drivers from both AMD and NVIDIA

  Paul33 13:08 20 Jun 2012

No !

Still don't know how to achieve different resolution ouputs.

  Paul33 19:07 20 Jun 2012

When I tried that, I simply lost everything from my PC monitor except a blank windows background ..... I had to then get back by using the distant TV to change settings !!!

  Paul33 21:38 20 Jun 2012

The TV is across the loinge so I can see it and I'm trying to do all this via the AMD VISION Engine Control Centre and the DISPLAY screen in the Windows Control Panel.

  lotvic 23:42 20 Jun 2012

Is this guide with screenshots any help (or I may have lost the plot)?

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