trying to run an old game

  micheal bach 20:57 28 Dec 2016

Hello all, i've recently purchased a Dell latitude cpx running windows 98se, 64mb ram 8mb display adapter and intel pentium III 16mhz.

im trying to get it to run Machines wired for war, which requires windows 95/98 pentium 200mhz 32mb ram 150mb hard disk space 4x cd rom drive

ive installed it multiple times and the will start to load but nothing happens not even a load screen, any ideas? been really looking forward to playing this game.

  Burn-it 00:30 29 Dec 2016

Your processor is 16MHz and the game requires 200Mhz?? Maybe if you wait a few weeks it will show something!!!

  micheal bach 06:18 29 Dec 2016

My graphics chip is a rage mobility m1 agp, with 8mb, surely this is more than adequate enough to run machines?

  micheal bach 06:19 29 Dec 2016

By the way appreciate all the help guys �/p>

  micheal bach 07:14 29 Dec 2016

Dell latitude cpx j650gt i think but will double check when i come home from work :)

  micheal bach 18:52 29 Dec 2016

My 3d accelerator is blanked out and says not available, my direct 3d and direct draw are enabled though but says failure at step 3??

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