Trying to remove FIREFOX ISEARCH toolbar

  M7MAK 19:29 30 Dec 2004

it is a FIRE FOX ISEARCH toolbar box auto hiding 7 cm long 1 cm high with a open box with SEARCH THE WEB in a mignifine glass icon a arrow down with choices CLEAR HISTORY /TASKBAR ACTIATES/ HIDE SEARCH
it is comletely seperate from the explorer can't shut it down tryed all spy wear removers none get rid of it any ideas

  csqwared 19:34 30 Dec 2004

Hi - there is a programme called IE-DeBrander which gets rid of toolbars. Can't remember where it comes from but it is a freebie. Do a search for it and try it. Hope that helps


  g40 23:05 19 Feb 2005

Hi there, I have the same problem, i have tried all sorts of things, next is to switch off restore, then run Ad-Aware, Spybot, ABG scan (full), then restore system restore, keep you posted, its apparently a difficult one to remove. You can find it in C:\\Windows\system32\iscrvs\. Its write protected so no point trying to remove it normally, it seems to download more malware as i now have a couple of trojans that wern't there before, anyway i will tell you if i work out how to get rid of it. Good luck, G

  g40 23:07 19 Feb 2005

Thanks for the input, but in this case it did not work for me, might for others though, G

  Irishman 23:27 19 Feb 2005

Hijack This click here will give you a log file of what browser hijackers are running on your computer. You may have to post in one of the Hijack This forums to find out what steps to take.

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