Trying to remove a file in 'program files'-errors

  trv4n 23:42 06 Nov 2007

Hello I am trying to remove my lexmark printer out of my Program Files. When I try to delete the folder, an error message of:
"cannot delete ' Jetkillw2.exe:access is denied.
Make sure disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not in use."

I then try again in the folder to remove 'lexhwz' and the same message is given.

I have unistalled the printer as it was not printing. On re installing it says it cannot because it sees the above.
Any suggestions?
I am on winxp sp2 Thanks

  brundle 23:47 06 Nov 2007

Your machine is still using the files. Press ctrl-alt-delete to start Task Manager, find `Jetkillw2.exe` in the list, right click and select End Process, then try to remove the folder(s)

  Stuartli 23:50 06 Nov 2007

You will need to remove the software and drivers from Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs or, if necessary, from Start>Lexmark>Uninstall Software.

  trv4n 22:23 07 Nov 2007

thank you for your help.
brundle: I have pressed this command to start Task Manager as I have done before, but something strange has happened to this. It now comes up with a white box,without tabs at the top to choose processes to remove etc. At the bottom there is 'end task' 'switch to' and 'new task' and a little square on the tray at the bottom of the right corner of the computer, which if you hover the cursor over it shows pc usage as a %. I do not know where to access 'processes' as no choice is given.Have Ms changed this?... now really puzzled.
Stuartli: This was where i unistalled it from

  brundle 22:25 07 Nov 2007

Double click in border of the task manager window to bring the other bits back.Not that you need them to follow my instructions - find `Jetkillw2.exe` in the list, right click (on the process name) and select End Process.

  trv4n 19:28 10 Nov 2007

apologies for not replying earlier, thank you for the task mananager tip. When i looked it was not there. I went back tp p/files and it was gone.
on trying to install printer again it still said there was a version there!! still puzzled any other ideas?

  Karakorum 20:57 10 Nov 2007

If you want an alternative to Task Manager try free Process Explorer click here

It's like Task Manager on steroids.

  Karakorum 21:01 10 Nov 2007

If you still can't kill your program even with Process Explorer maybe you could try Brute Force Uninstaller click here

Haven't used it myself but it SOUNDS like it might do the trick.

  rdave13 21:32 10 Nov 2007

Can't remember clearly but a friend had this problem with a HP printer years ago. Uninstalled the printer to try to reinstall to fix a problem. Couldn't reinstall as it found it was in use. In control panel under hardware it still showed the printer but as deleted. Solution was, I think, to right click the deleted printer and in properties(?) found that there was still 'stacked' work ready to be printed. Removing these commands allowed it to be reinstalled. Hope that makes some sense.

  trv4n 23:06 13 Nov 2007

hello again, I have tried the above two downloads as suggested.Thank you. It was not picked up in the Proces explorer or I could not find it ( as far as i knew it was gone 'cos I uninstalled it) I also typed lexmark in the Brute force to see if this did anything. Again when i put in the install disks in, it said there was a version there already.. I just do not understand it, why can it see lexmark details when it is uninstalled? the mystery continues...

  brundle 23:08 13 Nov 2007

It's either detecting old entries in the registry or leftover files on your hard-drive. What model of printer? Lexmark do some specific cleaning tools to wipe your PC of old information regarding a particular Lexmark model.

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