Trying to recover HDD files and folders

  emlynot 11:04 01 Jun 2018

Hi there,

I've a 1tb external hdd which took a few knocks and got corrupted as a result. I tried a few programmes, such as NTFS Data Recovery, EaseUS, Wise and Recuva, to see about recovering a lot of movies but to no avail. At the beginning, 1 of the programmes (not sure which one) was able to see the files and folder structure, but since making all these attempts, none of the programmes presents anything sensible, just a load of alphanumeric filenames in no particular folder structure.

I am wondering if as a last resort, whether I can do a disk clone and go from there to recover all or much of the footage. Would something like clonezilla work, or is there a better way of doing this before I hand the disk over to a professional data recovery company.

Also, the HDD was NTFS, now each program recognises it only as RAW.



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