Trying to record from a webcam

  bumpkin 15:23 05 Oct 2014

Hi all, I am trying to capture video from a webcam. OS is XP pro and software Amcap. This used to work OK but I stopped using it as it was using huge amounts of disc space. I can watch the video live on the monitor but when I try to record (capture) I get the error message "80070003 cannot start graph". Looking on Google this error message seems to relate to updates. Can anyone help on this please.

  bumpkin 22:25 05 Oct 2014


  rdave13 22:35 05 Oct 2014

Destination folder missing? Try re-installing the Amcap software 'over the top' as they say.

  rdave13 22:38 05 Oct 2014

Found this but a free trial only.

  rdave13 22:44 05 Oct 2014

Try a system restore first unless you use a registry cleaner other than Ccleaner. If you use a reg cleaner then within the program restore to previous registry restore points. Could be the culprit.

  bumpkin 11:43 06 Oct 2014

Thanks rdave, destination folder was not set properly.

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