Trying to re-install Win XP - my laptop is now stuck at 'setup is being restarted' and will do nothi

  JohnC123 10:08 10 Jul 2012

I tried to reload Windows XP from the disk - It stopped at 39 mins remaining and now says "setup restarting" It then goes to a black screen with the cursor arrow in the middle and will do nothing more. I cannot access any commands to start it or stop it or cancel it. Searching Google I can see that this is not an uncommon problem yet so far I have found no answer.

  KRONOS the First 10:37 10 Jul 2012

I had a similar problem several years ago and I think I tried a couple of things. One I powered down the PC manually by holding the power button down and then restarted. The installation may or may not continue.

The other thing I tried was again powering down the PC after removing the setup disk and giving the disk a good clean I started installation again again.

As it was some time ago I cannot remember which one worked.

  difarn 10:37 10 Jul 2012

It may be because startup is still accessing your hard drive to boot from. You may see the CD light come on or hear the cd spin, but it is booting from your hard drive where that setup is coming from.

Restart your computer, and begin tapping F2 key which takes you into setup. Use arrow keys to go to boot tab, and make your CD drive is 1st in the boot sequence, before the hard drive. Save, exit.

  KRONOS the First 11:04 10 Jul 2012


I think if you read the thread starter you will see that the poster's problems are when XP needs to restart midway through installation so I am not sure how your advice helps as he is long past the stage of changing the boot sequence and the hard-drive would have been formatted before installation began.

  woodchip 11:11 10 Jul 2012

If you left the XP CD in the drive when it rebooted you need to remove it may be before it starts back up

  KRONOS the First 11:23 10 Jul 2012

If you left the XP CD in the drive when it rebooted you need to remove it may be before it starts back up

You do not have to remove it midway of the installation process.

  JohnC123 11:23 10 Jul 2012

Thanks for the suggestions so far I have tried them with no further progress - it stll just sticks at setup is being restarted - I can't get into any other screen

  woodchip 11:54 10 Jul 2012

have you tried taping F8 as your computer starts

  lotvic 15:58 10 Jul 2012

did you disconnect all 'extras' printer, drives etc before you started the XP install?

You can try this fix as you are now stuck midway in the install ClickHere (full instructions) it involves telling the install via DOS to skip the install of some drivers it is stuck on.

  recap 16:35 10 Jul 2012

Try F3, which should take you out of the install so that you can start over again?

  difarn 16:43 10 Jul 2012

Chronus - you are right, I misread it.

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